From Your Outer Banks Connection - "Is an Outer Banks income producing property better than The stock market?" 


It seems no matter who wins, the stock market will be as fickle as ever. The lack of volume and record days of consecutive losses has us wondering what is next. Many experts are admitting that stocks are overvalued and a large adjustment is looming.

Look, I am not about spreading worrisome and upsetting news. However, what I am about is informing and educating during this timing to show you opportunity that is about tangible and is actual property that produces steady and strong income. And, these properties have the added benefits of YOU actually getting true and real enjoyment from as well as tax benefits.*

Buying stock has…

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The Benefits of Buying New Construction on the Outer Banks

Posted by Mike B. Nov. 9, 2017


Getting educated about the inventory here on the OBX is cause to realize it has a lot of diversity. From the simple beach boxes that are among the earliest rental cottages built here to the oceanfront estate level homes…..and to everything in between…..we see homes that are weathered and charming to brand new & in sync with traditional architectural features that are defined by coastal living.   When I show property to folks looking to invest into the resort rental segment, 2nd home market or primary living due to moving here many do not realize how close in price a brand new home is to one that may be 20+ years old.   outer-banks-beach-house_1200    Also, when they…

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Whenever we work with folks that are thinking about relocating or moving to the Outer Banks, we ask them to identify their expectations. Most of the time, folks that move here either have vacationed here before or experienced a coastal lifestyle somewhere else. With that said, they usually know the area's laid back and slow paced. 

Looking for Adventure?

The other ingredient usually includes a bit of adventure that an individual, a couple, or family wants to satisfy. By looking into what our area offers, it always comes around that they're a fan of the beach and the naturalness of the Outer Banks. That usually fills the day of the newly relocated. They check out the beaches in the morning, they check...they enjoy a sunrise or go to the beautiful…

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