Mike Bishal, your OBX Connection, will save you time with focused service.

Look, you lead a busy life, you have a desire to learn about and one day own a beach property.

My point.......while looking on line at the inventory can be fun, it mostly is time that could be utilized more efficiently. Trust that I am a Local Pro, I know how to listen, which will guarantee saved time and create effective time management for you. 

  • You know your business and I know mine. You're a PRO and so am I. Let's combine our skills, team up and be EFFECTIVE WITH YOUR TIME.
  • I know how to guide you through the search process by asking you questions that will FOCUS and streamline your time.
  • With a short Q & A time we will first IDENTIFY your EXPECTATIONS.....
  • ....your FINANCIAL COMFORT LEVEL......
  • ....and then SAVE YOUR TIME while my time is spent on CUSTOMIZED SERVICES JUST FOR YOU!
CONTACT ME - Let's make an APPOINTMENT. SHARE via EMAIL your PHONE NUMBER and a DATE/TIME that works for you.

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Portrait of Mike Bishal, NC RE Broker.

Mike Bishal

NC RE Broker