Which OBX Community is best for you?
Before you start examining the inventory let's FOCUS on your plan & match it with the right community. How is this accomplished? We indentify what you envision as an Outer Banks Property owner. 

  • Is it a Beach Rental Investment home where you will rent to vacationers to offset some or all of the expenses?
  • Perhaps it is a 2nd Home?
  • Or, you are planning a move to the wonderful Outer Banks?

In any case, there are communities here that suit themselves to each category. There is a segment that meets your need and you may need some help with this. So, take some time with me to enable to get to know which areas will be best for you.
If you know the areas of the OBX well enough, you can start here on this page by examining the areas you know are right for you. If you are new to the idea of owning here I can help by directing you to the community/area that meets your needs.

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Help yourself by IDENTIFYING your intentions when considering an Outer Banks Community. Are you looking for a Vacation Investment, Cash Flowing Property that you rent out so to offset the cost of owning? And, you can enjoy several weeks per year with Family and Friends? Will this be your 2nd Home....maybe move there one day? 

Each of these choices relate to location more than you may know. Many see that the beach rental zone areas, while really nice, may not be the best choice for a 2nd Home or Primary Home location. Other times folks see they like the sound side but do not realize how different the rental income is from the Ocean Side locations. What to do?

  • First, IDENTIFY which category is best for you and if Rental Income is necessary, preferred or not at all a factor.
  • Equally important.....IDENTIFY Budget - Let's connect you with a local lender and get you pre-qualified.
  • Then, let me begin matching you up with the available inventory in the various communities here in the OBX.
  1. Ocean Front, Ocean Side popular beach rental communities.
  2. Sound Side, West Side areas.
  3. Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores are the Northern OBX.....Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head are the mid points and Hatteras Island is South. All cover the above mentioned characteristics. 

My goal was to be sure I could, at least, cover my mortgage and insurance expenses when I secured my beach rental investment home. Due to putting the work in with Mike to first identify this goal it allowed him to match me with homes that perform well in my price point I felt comfortable with. This educational process mostly included learning about ingredients that renters seek. Mike wanted to make sure we hit my goal of being a strong renter and he proved this to me with actual rental history data sheets on the homes he presented. We actually found several homes in a few different communities. From there I made a choice that fit my personal needs related to views and great room size that were important to me and my family. Goal achieved, GREAT rental income, most of the expenses of owning are covered and we got a fine beach home our family enjoys several weeks a year!

Know what you want, know your capability, know your comfort level and learn about which community meet your needs. How? You can look into the inventory and spend hours and hours and still be unsure which home meets your needs best....or, you can spend about 20 minutes on the phone with Mike @ 252-207-4554 to identify your ideal Outer Banks Home Ownership plan. Whether it be an Ocean Front or Sound Front Home....anything in between......Mike will listen first to hear your goals, help you identify what will best suit you and then give you choices in various communities. Your time is valuable. Put me to work for you. 

Mike Bishal, your OBX Connection! obxreconsultant@gmail.com or CALL @ 252-207-4554