What defines your "Best Deal"?

YOUR Outer Banks BEST DEAL meets YOUR criteria.

Whether it is a simple "Beach Box" to enjoy the light, ocean breeze or a positive cash flowing Oceanside Vacation Rental Investment Home to add to your portfolio, there are always better choices than others. I can separate the "Wheat from the Chaff".....MEANING....I'll do the work, examine the inventory for you at the price point that addresses your comfort level and pull the best QUALITY listings that meet your criteria for your review. 

CONTACT ME and share which price levels dovetail with your financial comfort, if you will be using the home exclusively/2nd home to live in OR if you'll be renting it out to vacationers and treat it as an investment. I'll explain to you how and why I will suggest particular properties as well as educate on how I create a concise, matching list for you. 

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