Buying an Outer Banks Foreclosure

Many people are taking advantages of buying an Outer Banks foreclosure, however, you need to be prepared in order to take advantage of some of these deals.

I have outlined some basic tips to help you in finding a great property.

I would strongly recommend that you are familiar with our area and know the places where you would like to buy a home. Just because a property comes on the market at $100,000 doesn’t mean that you may want to purchase that location. Remember location is key when visiting here and while owning here. It will also play a role in the resale market.

Please have a lender qualify you for the amount you are able to invest in property. Most banks require this to be submitted at time of…

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Below you will find the sold homes in and along the Outer Banks. You will find the location, address, list price, selling price, and days on the market.  If you have any questions about buying a home in the Outer Banks, just let us know.


Kitty Hawk b/w Highways   2009  Wrightsville Boulevard $159,000 $153,000 96% 73
  Totals   $159,000 $153,000 96% 73
Kitty Hawk Westside
    2904  Sea Horse Court $167,900 $161,250 96% 66
  Totals   $167,900 $161,250 96% 66
Nags Head Westside
    110  W Gray Eagle Street $299,000 $300,000 100% 217
  Totals   $299,000 $300,000 100% 217
Rodanthe Oceanside

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Once again we have made finding specific types of real estate even easier.  We are pleased to announce we now have continuously updated pages for:

  • Outer Banks Oceanfront
  • Outer Banks Waterfront 
  • Outer Banks Short Sales
  • Outer Banks Foreclosures
* We will be adding town specific pages for each one, like Corolla foreclosures and Nags Head foreclosures.  You may want to bookmark the pages to make accesing them easy.    ** If you have a question about buying a home in the Outer Banks or anything about the Outer Banks contact us.  

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Making a spur of the moment decision to walk the beach one evening, I thought my eyes were deceiving me.  Was that really a helicopter on the beach?  The number of tow trucks passing me as I walked towards the object convinced me that yes a helicopter had landed on the beach.

As I watched the pilots inspecting the engine, I asked one of the tow truck drivers what happened.  He said they lost engine power and were coming in over the pier targeting the beach to make an emergency landing.  They had actually landed in the surf and were able to get the helicopter a little further up on the beach.  However with high tide approaching, they needed to be out of the water's reach.  A bystander called a local towing company which pulled the helicopter…

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