From Your Outer Banks Connection - "Is an Outer Banks income producing property better than The stock market?" 


It seems no matter who wins, the stock market will be as fickle as ever. The lack of volume and record days of consecutive losses has us wondering what is next. Many experts are admitting that stocks are overvalued and a large adjustment is looming.

Look, I am not about spreading worrisome and upsetting news. However, what I am about is informing and educating during this timing to show you opportunity that is about tangible and is actual property that produces steady and strong income. And, these properties have the added benefits of YOU actually getting true and real enjoyment from as well as tax benefits.*

Buying stock has been a way of feathering the retirement nest for decades upon decades. If you look at the most successful investors they follow a plan of diversity as well as follow what some call the “All Weather Investment Model”. In times when the stock, commodity and bond markets are waning other type asset classes they are invested in can bring balance to a segment that may be losing. Simple investment path, right? How many are into income producing real estate, though? Have you considered this? And, if so why not at the beach so you can enjoy the wonderful Outer Banks a few weeks a year?

Let’s get together after you act upon your right to vote and talk about how you can add to the security of a balanced investment plan by adding a strong income producing, vacation beach home or condo. This is what I do! We have homes in surprisingly affordable price point which produce enough income so that you can diversify your investment portfolio for years to come.


There are various price levels and I am sure I can align you with the right one. Let’s talk about how to get you into an Outer Banks Beach House… that gives you income… that gives you and your family joy…….something you can count on that will not fluctuate like stocks…….a true asset that you can touch, hold and enjoy!

Feel free to reach out and request some time to talk about your comfort level should you decide to diversify into a beach house. I assure you, this is the primary focus when we talk!



*Please consult with your tax professional do get details about tax benefits from owning an income producing, vacation home.

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