We asked Mike Bishal an Outer Banks real estate consultant for a few thoughts that Outer Banks home owners should consider before thinking about selling their home on the Outer Banks. We caught up with Mike at one of his Open Houses and took a few minutes to get his thougths.  


What Renovations Could Make Sense For An Outer Banks Home Owner?

As you'll see I spend some time in the bathroom of the house and, this is on purpose. So when you get ready to sell your house, sometimes it's's a good idea to consider remodeling a room, a key room, perhaps a master bath in this case. I have a client here that redid this bathroom, had it remodeled it, it's beautiful and it's definitely gonna help their marketing effort. 

What should someone do before they call an Outer Banks real estate professional?

You would take your time, look at your property, and really take an objective look. Some things are so obvious that they get overlooked. See what things need to be taken care of before you plan on listing. Though it is often mentioned curb appeal goes a long-way especially in the spring. Clearing out any old growth, and sprucing up the property can go a long-way when your home is being shown.

What Methods Do You Find Best For Marketing Homes on the Outer Banks?

Videos we use today, 90% of homes that are sold today are initiated through an Internet search. It's incredible. So we can use that powerful medium and come up with these videos. I try to attract a lot of buyers so I can connect them with your property. Additionally, I shoot video tour of your property. It isn't just a standard type cam type thing. 

I walk and talk with my camera like a have a buyer right next to my shoulder and I'm showing him the property. I think you'll be impressed by it. (Check out Mike's - Outer Banks Youtube videos)

What Should Someone Expect to Pay When Working With Red Sky

Look, I don't like to cut my commission. Any good business operator, that will use the service that they bring to a client. I do that, don't get me wrong. What I want you to know is I know people and I know they all want a deal. If I work with you a little bit, I think you will feel great about working with me. So when we get together and discuss the topic of commission, I'll show you how I can structure that and save you some money.

How Can Someone Learn More About Working With You?

Fill out the contact form on the website or call me. I'm here for you. Maybe you have a visit plan, let's get together at your Outer Banks town and talk about what needs to be done, and then let's talk about getting it on the market. Thank you for visiting my site today. I look forward to speaking with you.

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