Homes PAYING for Themselves

There are many reasons to own an OBX beach house and one main one is that they rent very well making it one of your best investments you make. We all like the idea of owning a cash flowing property. Imagine being able to enjoy a beach house for several weeks of the year and it pay for most or all of the expenses by placing it with a property management company. I repeat, many of these homes can pay for themselves! I can educate and share multiple years of rental history on many homes that are being sold. As well, I can show you the exact expenses. All you need to do is contact me! Contact me for few examples of homes that fit this type ownership. I can send a link of several STRONG CASH FLOWING HOMES within your price range once we talk. 

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF CASH FLOW ANALYSIS ON A MID RANGE OBX VACATION RENTAL HOME THAT CAN BE A GUIDE TO SHOW YOU HOW SOME HOMES PERFORM. Once we identify your FINANCIAL COMFORT LEVEL, I can apply this tool to homes at that price point to show you what you need and want to know; how your CASH FLOW looks.