Investment Options


You may have vacationed or know someone that has vacationed on the wonderful Outer Banks of NC. All of the homes in the Vacation Programs of Property Management companies here are owned by individuals like yourself. Why did that owner make that purchase and rent it out? Simple......they wanted an income producing property that they could also enjoy with family and friends.  


There are many older “beach boxes” (smaller cottages) of 2 to 3 Bedrooms here that take one back in time to a simpler time at the beach. Also, there are smartly appointed and beautifully decorated 8, 10, 12 Bedroom Ocean Front Estate level homes that have every “bell and whistle” you could ask for. And, there is everything in between. All are in different price points and, due to Bedroom quantities and amenity levels, can partly pay for themselves with many operating in the “black” to provide you positive cash flow each and every year.

How does one arrive at their decision to identify which level home they do; you may ask? Well, it is all about ABILITY to PERFORM, GOALS and then MATH. Basically, we discuss your position with a lender, identify what you envision and expect of your investment goal and then what occurs is preparation and analysis in a manner that shows you how to achieve that goal. Then, the fun begins which is examining the inventory and walk the beach homes that fit your criteria and goals.


Let’s get together and talk about this subject and how to match you with the right income producing properties here in the wonderful Outer Banks! 

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