The community of Kill Devil Hills is the most populated community of the OBX. First, it is fair to mention that even the most populated area of the OBX is quite small so do not be put off or concerned about an area here being the most populated. Quite a name by the way....KILL DEVIL HILLS. One theory is that the name derived from rum, possibly originating from the Caribbean Islands or New England, that was “strong enough to kill the devil.” In the early 1700’s, Virginia’s William Byrd wrote, “Most of the Rum they get in this Country … is so bad and unwholesome, that it is not improperly called ‘Kill-Devil,’” proving the rum was already referred to that name. Evidence suggests that this rum would have eventually made its way to the Outer Banks islands due to shipwrecks, pirate activity and general ocean traffic along the Eastern seaboard.So, Pirates and ship wrecks make for a great palce to live or own property!

It is most populated due to the simple reason that it happens to have the largest amount of land and subdivisions.Still, as mentioned, the area is quite peaceful and surely a laid back town. 

On a note related to today, Kill Devil Hills West Side has a lot to offer. There are quaint, peaceful, small subdivisions that are tucked back in the wooded areas nearer the sound waters than the ocean but the ocean beach accesses are a 5 minute car ride. There is a real sense of community due to the many year round residents making KDH their home. Take a look at the inventory and let me know if you have any questions. 

Kill Devil Hills West Side